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TEC Accessories TEC-A3 Embrite Glow Fob - Black (Green Glow)
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TEC Accessories TEC-A3 Embrite Glow Fob - Black (Green Glow)



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The TEC-A3 Embrite Glow Fob (Anodized Black with Green Embrite Glow)

A unique glow-in-the-dark (GITD) keychain fob unlike any you have ever seen. The internal glow pellet consists of a clear acrylic tube filled with a custom hand made proprietary Embrite compound. The pellet is mounted inside a protective aircraft grade aluminum housing with a Type III hard anodized finish.

When exposed to light, it will glow for hours...the longer the exposure time and the higher the light intensity, the longer and brighter it will glow. Glow times can last as long as 12 hours!

Attach the Fob to your car keys or even a flashlight, so you can always find them when the lights go out. Attach it to your jacket as a zipper pull so your friends can locate you inside a movie theater or outside at night! You can clip it to a backpack, camping gear, or even to the pull chain on a ceiling fan...the uses are endless!

  • Material: Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Finish: Type III hard anodize
  • Outside Diameter: 9.0 mm [0.35"]
  • Overall Length: 40.0 mm [1.58"]
  • Weight: 3.2 grams [.11 oz]
    Internal Glow Pellet
  • Tubing: Clear acrylic
  • Glow powder: Proprietary Embrite Compound
  • Outside Diameter: 6.35 mm [1/4"]
  • Overall Length: 28.6 mm [1-1/8"]
  • 11.1mm Split ring included

The process used to provide the desired glow feature is based on a charge/discharge cycle. You must first charge the internal pellet with light, which is then stored and slowly discharged. In order to achieve the best possible results from your unit, please review the following tips regarding light exposure and charging times.

The proprietary Embrite glow pellet is manufactured using a "trade secret" process and the brightest glowing material available anywhere on the planet to ensure we provide the brightest glow pellet possible. The pellet itself charges most effectively when exposed to the UV portion of the light spectrum. Sunlight does an excellent job as a charging source, as well as UV lights and CFL bulbs but the material will also absorb an appreciable charge when exposed to indoor room light. Increased exposure time to a light source will increase the initial brightness of the glow and extend the time the pellet remains glowing. The brighter the charging source, the brighter the pellet will glow! Refer to the "Properties" tab above for details on glow intensity and duration.

A pellet that is charged in ordinary sunlight or room light for an extended period will have a noticeable glow when the lights are turned off, and will diminish gradually over the course of several hours. Although the glow intensity will fade considerably over a long duration of time, it is not uncommon to still see a recognizable glow after 8-12 hours, especially with dark-adapted vision. This charging and discharging cycle can be performed an infinite number of times. It is important to note however, that if you view the glow fob in normal room light IT WILL NOT GLOW! It must be dark in order to see the glow effect.

The TEC Glow Fobs are designed to allow easy replacement or exchange of the glow pellet by simply removing the o-ring at the end of the housing. This allows you to change the pellet for one of a different color, or by using our DIY kit, allows you to install a self-luminous tritium insert.

Check out our Glow Fob Pellet Kit for DIY pellet replacement projects!

Also check out the Tritium inserts available in a range of colours

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