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New Products - view more
Kershaw Nura 3.0
Kershaw: Nura 3.0
Ultimate Survival Micro SparkWheel
Ultimate Survival: Micro SparkWheel
Wallet Ninja Wallet Ninja
Wallet Ninja: Wallet Ninja
ESEE Avispa (Desert Tan Black Blade)
ESEE: Avispa (Desert Tan Black Blade)

Featured Products
Hazard4 Tonto Mini Messenger EDC Bag (Coyote)
Hazard4: Tonto Mini Messenger EDC Bag (Coyote)
Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger (Black)
Maxpedition: Sitka Gearslinger (Black)
TEC Accessories UFO (Uni-Flex Organiser) Titanium
TEC Accessories: UFO (Uni-Flex Organiser) Titanium
Kershaw Crown I (Retail £29.95)
Kershaw: Crown I (Retail £29.95)

Best Sellers
Maxpedition Fatboy G.T.G Versipack (Black)
Maxpedition: Fatboy G.T.G Versipack (Black)
Fisher Space Pens M4 Cap-O-Matic (Black)
Fisher Space Pens: M4 Cap-O-Matic (Black)
TEC Accessories TEC-S323 Isotope Fob
TEC Accessories: TEC-S323 Isotope Fob
Lazerbrite Multi-Lux Flashlight (Orange/White)
Lazerbrite: Multi-Lux Flashlight (Orange/White)

Best Sellers under 10
Stay Alert Military Caffeine Gum - ARCTIC MINT
Stay Alert: Military Caffeine Gum - ARCTIC MINT
Aquamira Tactical Frontier Water Filter
Aquamira: Tactical Frontier Water Filter
Best-Glide Mini Survival Repair/Duct Tape
Best-Glide: Mini Survival Repair/Duct Tape
TEC Accessories Split Ring Kit 1
TEC Accessories: Split Ring Kit 1

Maxpedition Bags & Versipacks are ideal EDC (every day carry) bags for iPads or Tablet PCs and accesssories, or putting together a Grab Bag or Bug Out Bag (BOB). Survival Gear from leading brands Exotac, BCB, CountyComm and more for assembling a Bug out Bag or stocking up on some preparedness gear.

Pocket Tools make ideal unique gifts and prices start at under 10, ideal for family or friends who enjoy the great outdoors, camping, bushcraft or just well designed gadgets. For configuring your keychain to suit your EDC needs you'll find a wide range of keychain accessories and components.

EDC and Tactical Flashlights are in stock and available in a range of sizes and outputs, whether you need a flashlight for your pocket, on patrol or overnight outdoor pursuits there are a range of sizes and power outputs for every application. Tactical Gear including Molle compatible Versipacks, bags and pouches checkout the ever expanding Maxpedition range

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